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Hosting services technology is evolving quickly, opening up a wealth of exciting new opportunities for those businesses that can put those technologies to work. It is very much essential for the hosting server capabilities to sync and match with the business activities.

Imagine you are running a shopping site of X product with the least profit margin to capture the market. Customer visits the sites but the site is too slow. Boooooom…. you lost that sale and you end up in receiving a bad remark.

Recollecting the "Big Billion Days sale" by Flipkart after giving out lots of advertisements in almost all media, the sale progressed and the Flipkart server appeared overburdened, ultimately, “Flipkart turns into Flopkart on Big Billion Day sale" was the headline of a news portal.

Selecting the right hosting services for your website is a very important criteria to serve the purpose of the website. Surprisingly, 95% of hosting service providers wouldn't disclose several limitations of their products and services unless specifically asked. In fact, it requires an in-depth knowledge for a person to discuss positives or negatives of a server space with the service provider.

Our IT hosting and consultancy services practice draws on our 8 years' experience as a leading managed service provider. The depth and breadth in this area are what set us apart in the market. We assist you to select ready made or with tailored solutions that optimize your website’s performance to meet your business needs. Our team works with you to perform a detailed discovery and analysis of your server requirement, giving you a clear understanding that allows you to make cost-effective and efficient decisions regarding server and its security, redundancy and scalability, future technologies and optimization that help you improve operational effectiveness and scale economically.

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